Light Rail to Seattle

A trip to Seattle
on Sound Transit
takes just 34 minutes.

Light Rail to Seattle

With two new rail stations located just a few short minutes from our front gates, Sound Transit Light Rail brings Seattle to our doorstep.

With frequent service provided 20 hours a day (5 a.m. to 1 a.m.), 365 days a year, the Sound Transit’s Link light rail trains provide fast, reliable service to, from and throughout Seattle and many surrounding areas. With level boarding (no steps required) and air-conditioned cabins, these modern trains make the 34 minute trip seem even faster.

At the end of the line is Westlake Station, in the center of some of the best shopping in the Northwest. Additionally, the Sound Transit’s light rail line provides quick and convenient access to the city’s gems like Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field (home of the Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders), the exotic and bustling International District and historic Pioneer Square. Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations opened March 19, 2016 extending the areas service by the light rail.

Service extends to other stops as well — like Columbia City, Mount Baker, Beacon Hill, the Rainier Valley and the SODO area.

Regardless of the traffic on I-5 or the weather, Bow Lake residents can access the vibrancy and excitement of a great city whenever they please.