Our Costs

The Cost of Residing at Bow Lake

With our meticulously maintained common grounds and commitment to bringing in new manufactured homes, Bow Lake Community is one of the best retirement values in Western Washington.

While our homes sell for a variety of prices, they cost less than half of comparably-sized traditional houses. And they continue to save retirees money year after year, requiring less in taxes, less in maintenance and often times, less in energy costs.

Bow Lake lot rents are extremely reasonable, ranging from $575 to $700. Included are: garbage, recycling, yard waste pick-up, plus the use of all amenities and recreation association activities.

Manufactured homes stack up well against condominiums, as well. Usually significantly more affordable, they also aren’t subject to continually escalating fees.

Our location is a cost saver as well. Situated in the heart of SeaTac, grocery and specialty shopping are all a short drive away. And a new light rail terminal is within easy walking distance, making a trip to downtown Seattle fast, efficient and affordable.

Comfortable and cost-efficient. Our members find living at Bow Lake Residential Community to be an experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the Puget Sound region.