Day Trips

Day Trips from Bow Lake Retirement Community

Day Trips

Bow Lake Adult Living Community is almost exactly in the middle of western Washington, making it an ideal jumping off point for day trips. With just 8 hours and a half tank of gas, you can enjoy quaint towns, one of the country’s longest ocean beaches, fantastic waterfalls and some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

1. Snoqualmie Falls
One of most spectacular day trips is also one of the closest – just 40 minutes to the north. Beautiful year-round, these 268-falls absolutely roar in the spring as melting snow pushes the Snoqualmie River to the limit of its banks. Bring a raincoat regardless of the forecast as the mist reaches all the way up to the observation deck. Top off your day with lunch at the nearby Salish Lodge.

2. Bainbridge Island
Renowned for its natural beauty, this idyllic island is just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. While nature lovers will enjoy the picturesque beaches and lush forests, art lovers, foodies and window shoppers can get lost in picturesque, quiet Winslow, the small town just a short walk from the ferry terminal.

3. La Conner
Tucked in the corner of Skagit County’s daffodil fields, La Conner is the very definition of quaint. For the perfect getaway on the grayest winter day, spend the morning browsing antiques and art stores, then top it off with a bowl of delicious, locally harvested clam chowder for lunch.

4. Paradise at Mount Rainier
You don’t need to climb to its 14,408 foot peak to appreciate Mount Rainier. Paradise Park is just a 2-hour drive and offers walkers fields of beautiful wildflowers and stunning landscape views. Interested in staying overnight? Check out historic Paradise Inn, open from mid-May to early October.

5. Leavenworth
Modeled after an old Bavarian berg, Leavenworth spreads its arms to willkommen travelers from all over the Northwest. Great year-round, the quaint town is a holiday paradise in the winter—and of course, the only place to be come Oktoberfest. All this awaits, just a 2 ½-hour drive from Bow Lake.

6. Washington Coastal Beaches
Think you need to go to California to see the longest beach on the west coast? At 27 miles, Long Beach on the coast of Washington holds that distinction. Once you’ve walked along the Pacific Ocean’s pristine waters, go discover one of the many charming towns that dot the coast, like Ocean Shores-just 128 miles from the shores of our own Bow Lake.

7. Columbia River Gorge
It’s easy to see why this area has been deemed a National Scenic Area. Carved out over millions of years by the mighty Columbia, this 80-mile stretch offers sweeping views of the river, foaming whitewater and the highest concentration of waterfalls in the northwest. At 215 miles away, this one might be an overnighter, but is darn well worth it.