Carey – Resident Profile

“One of the things I did this year was to help several for my neighbors re-do their yards.”

Carey: a woman in motion

Though Carey is retired, it doesn’t mean this former police officer isn’t just as busy as ever. With a schedule packed with fitness, travel, hobbies and volunteer work, she says Bow Lake’s location and its low-maintenance lifestyle make it an ideal place from which to get things done.

“Most of my time goes to volunteer work — I’m the visitor coordinator for the Ostomy Association in Seattle, an organization that offers support to people that have had life-changing intestinal surgeries.” Her good works extend overseas as well – she provides financial support to a little girl in South America and is sponsoring the education of a student in Nairobi.

Always in motion despite a chronic back problem, Carey enjoys sewing, knitting, making jewelry and most of all, international travel. “There are many places I’d like to go, probably first on the list is Africa because my student is over there. After that Thailand is a close second.”

Having been in public service, Carey understands what it takes to keep a community tight-knit and strong. “One of the things I did this year was to help several of my neighbors re-do their yards to improve the area…I’m just trying to help maintain the status of this park. I know the manager has worked really hard to get new homes in here and he’s doing his part in elevating the status of this park. But I will say as a professional and resident that the only way a community works is that we all have to participate, we all have to be a part of the package.”