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Situated perfectly between city life and the great outdoors, SeaTac offers the best of the best and none of the worst. Just minutes from your front door at Bow Lake, you can head to the city’s charming downtown, go for a walk in your choice of parks, take your dog to an off-leash park, or play a round of golf on world-class courses.

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Make convenience your everyday with hundreds of options on all sides at Bow Lake. You’ll find endless exploration opportunities, restaurants, parks, entertainment, medical care, and shopping centers.

For theAdventurers

Adventure is for everyone at Bow Lake. From outdoorsy park excursions in the neighborhood to the thrills of Seattle, it’s all accessible from your new home. Within 10 miles, you’ll find 3 hiking trails, more than 80 parks, over a dozen golf courses, and 6 different dog parks. Within 5 miles, you can choose from more than 50 restaurants. Or, stay on-site and spend time outdoors at Lake Park, indoors at the library, and get active at the swimming pool. This is your life, adventure included.

Seattle, Washington

At Bow Lake, we’re less than 30 minutes from downtown Seattle so you can get the city life without actually living in the city. That means the iconic Pike Place Market, the bountiful bouquets, and the original Starbucks are all within reach: alongside local hangouts, music venues, restaurants, museums, and more. There are endless adventures available from your new home at Bow Lake.

Seatac offers sights, scenes, and culture
golf links

Up for a round of golf?
Foster Golf Links is located
just a few miles from Bow Lake.

Highline seatac
botanical garden

Located right around the corner
from Bow Lake, these flowers
and plants are unforgettable.


Just blocks from downtown,
catch the sunset at this
scenic local park.

Juba restaurant
and cafe

You can always taste
something new at this local,
East African restaurant.

Bow Lake is Home

We created Bow Lake to be your most adventurous, most convenient, and most exciting home. Our location combines the great outdoors of Washington state with the charms of downtown and the endless attractions of Seattle. Live here and you live amongst your new favorite restaurants, parks, golf courses, and shops. Live here and you can read, exercise, play, and laugh every single day. Welcome home.

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